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The collection process

In the collection process, also called amicable collection, your debtor will be written to by us. The person or company in question is called, approached by e-mail and possibly a payment arrangement is made, if this is the solution. In other words, always amicably!

The collection process usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks. Has no result been achieved after this period? Then you will receive a proposal from us about the continuation you can make with the file. Starting the process at the court is an option, but if you do not want this, the file can also be closed at that time, if nothing has been paid. There are also always several options discussed.

It is also possible to have the file placed in our debt monitoring process. Your debtor will then be periodically approached by us.

For more information about our collection process, see the method of collecting invoices.

The first step is to deliver the outstanding invoices and accompanying documents. You can do this via the invoice form. Then one of our employees starts working on this. Your debtor is written to and approached until payment has been made or another solution has been reached. We will of course keep you informed of all communication that takes place.

It can always happen that your debtor refuses to pay, despite all the steps that have been taken. In that case, you will usually receive one or more proposals from us to collect the outstanding invoice via other means. For example, by means of a judgment in court, the debtor can be seized. Preservative attachments can also be made. This is possible when sufficient factors are present to demonstrate that the debtor is in financial difficulties. We can arrange this for you from A to Z.

Would you rather not? Then you can also have the file closed after you have received the proposal. Legal proceedings are therefore never mandatory with us!

This depends on a number of factors: the sector in which you operate, what kind of debtors you supply, etc. Your own professional administration and your general sales conditions are always the basis for a good file.

It happens that outstanding invoices are collected within a few days, while in other cases it takes longer. In most cases, however, it becomes clear within 30 days whether there is a prospect of a solution or not. If you wish, we can continue until there is a result.

Submit a collection order

This depends on whether your debtor is business or private. There are no legal requirements that you must meet with a business party. It is customary to send at least 1 reminder.

Is your debtor a private person? Then you must send at least 1 reminder and meet a number of legal requirements before you engage us. These legal requirements change regularly. Of course it is also possible for us to send the final reminder for you. Submit your invoice via our invoice form or contact us via our email address

You can easily submit an open invoice via our invoice form. This will take up to 5 minutes of your time. If you submit the invoice yourself, you do not need to do anything else. If we need additional information or documents from you, we will request this later.

You can also e-mail or send your invoice to us by post. You may provide reminders and other documentation, but this is not a requirement. In the first instance, we usually only need the relevant invoice and associated matters such as general terms and conditions, quotation and order confirmation.

Yes, in most cases this is possible. However, it does depend on what it is all about. For example, with a loan you must have an agreement signed by both parties. We do not handle scam matters, such as an unpaid bill via sites such as 2ehands or Marktplaats. The same applies to maintenance and family matters. There are other legal options for this, which we would be happy to refer you to. Do you have doubts whether your claim is eligible? Please contact us at or by phone at +32 492 27 36 99.

Yes, also collects abroad. Each country has its own legal options. We are represented in most countries and are aware of the latest legislation. We also recommend never to deliver on credit to customers abroad. You only need us for business advice.

No, the amount of the amount does not matter to us. You can engage us for any outstanding invoice.


We carry out the amicable collection process on a no cure no pay basis. We charge the collection costs to your debtor. With a full payment, your debtor pays all costs. If nothing is paid, you do not owe us anything else, except a fixed amount of € 75. In the case of a partial payment, the collection costs charged to the debtor will be deducted from the partial payment. The basic claim is always available to you as a customer.

Is your debtor not paying? Then you will receive one or more proposals from us about the further course of your file. In many cases it is possible to start legal proceedings. We can do this for you. There are costs involved, but in many cases these can be recovered from your debtor. Do you not want a procedure, even though your debtor has not yet paid? That is possible, you will receive a proposal from us. After this you can have your file closed free of charge.

We work on the basis of No Cure No Pay throughout the entire process. Literally translated, this means "no solution, no payment". This means that you do not owe us any costs if your debtor does not pay. If payment is made, we will charge the debtor for the collection costs incurred. In case of a partial payment, we settle the collection costs charged to the debtor with the partial payment. The basic claim is always made available to the customer.

About is a Belgian debt collection agency with a lot of experience. We deal with debt collection for both business and private customers. We arrange this for you from A to Z. From sending the last reminder to attaching it to the debtor.

We have a national and international network of lawyers and bailiffs that we work with, so that we can help you with your outstanding invoices as well as possible. It does not matter whether your debtor is located in the Netherlands or abroad.

In addition to debt collection, is also a specialist in legal advice, debtor management and the preparation of general terms and conditions. has extensive experience with debt collection, debtor management, general terms and conditions and legal advice. We are happy to support entrepreneurs in increasing liquidity. In practice, we have achieved many successes, which has resulted in satisfied customers and a high score on The Feedback Company. In addition, we have an account for third-party funds. As a result, the payments received by us are secured in the event of problems.

Every customer gets a permanent employee with whom you can switch. This employee handles your file from start to finish and also any subsequent collection processes.

There are a number of important advantages of a debt collection agency. For example, a bailiff or lawyer earns from legal matters, while this is of no benefit to us. We therefore try to prevent this as much as possible. This is better for all parties.

This does not alter the fact that we start hundreds of legal proceedings every year. The advantage of this is that we have been able to negotiate excellent conditions with our bailiffs and lawyers. If you deliver your file directly to a bailiff, this will of course be at the normal rates.

The judicial collection process

Starting legal proceedings has become a costly affair in recent years. Before we start a procedure, you will receive an advance payment of the costs. These costs include service of a writ of summons and court fees. The process starts as soon as the costs have been paid. In most cases, all costs incurred can be recovered from the debtor.

In some cases it is necessary to submit your claim to a court. With the judgment that is obtained, it is possible to seize your debtor. Think of seizure of the bank account, wage seizure, etc.

The entire process is arranged by us, you do not have to worry about this. From summons to supervising the execution of the sentence. Thanks to our national and international network, we can help you both at home and abroad.

Collection via No cure no pay!

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