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About EuroCollect.eu

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EuroCollect.eu is a Flemish company led by Eric Hufkens. Eric is an experienced entrepreneur who, with a personal approach, collects your unpaid invoices quickly, carefree and transparently, draws up your general terms and conditions and provides legal advice!

What makes us different? EuroCollect.eu uses your own account number to collect your unpaid invoices and works with a No Cure No Pay policy.

No cure no pay

EuroCollect.eu pursues the following moto: “No Cure No Pay”. Has our credit management not yielded any results? Then you do not have to pay.

Personal Approach

EuroCollect.eu goes the extra mile for you, while maintaining respect for your corporate identity and your customers. You can count on a personal approach throughout your file!

Transparent communication

At EuroCollect.eu you can count on open and transparent communication whereby we inform you of any progress in your file. Are there important actions to be taken? Then these are discussed in advance before they are carried out.

Fast and carefree

EuroCollect.eu strives for a fast and carefree management of your file. We insist on taking care of your concerns and striving for a quick result. You can entrust your file to us with complete peace of mind.

Collection via EuroCollect.eu? No cure no pay!

Nice to meet you

Why EuroCollect.eu?


You can track the collection of your invoice online until the bailiff is called in.


No physical visit necessary. Upload your unpaid invoice, set the reminder period and EuroCollect.eu will do the rest.

Fast & carefree

EuroCollect.eu takes care of your concerns.

Internationally active

A foreign creditor or debtor? No problem EuroCollect.eu is active throughout Europe.

Team of Experts

EuroCollect.eu provides correct legal advice in collaboration with our lawyer and bailiff.

Small amounts

Don't hesitate to make a claim for small amounts. No matter how small or large these are, EuroCollect.eu is ready for you!

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