Do you have an unpaid invoice? takes care of collecting unpaid invoices within Europe. The term and frequency of the reminders are recorded. Eight days after the last reminder, the (digital) debt collector announces legal proceedings. In the event of an unquestionable invoice in Belgium, ensures a favorable decision of the court after a maximum of 9 months after the invoice date.

In addition to collecting unpaid invoices, is responsible for updating the terms and conditions and optimizes your order process. Assistance is provided from A to Z so that a discussion about an unpaid invoice is avoided. takes care of everything!


How does it work?

1. Fill out the form

In less than 5 minutes work, you’ll have entered the necessary information and added the related documents. 

2. Our experts advice

The information received is legally handled by experts.

3. Collecting your invoice

Based on the legal conditions, advice is provided and the collection process for the unpaid invoice starts.


Mutual trust and growth attaches great importance to mutual trust between B2B customers and their partners. Due to unforeseen circumstances, invoices are paid too late. Call on for the collection of these unpaid invoices. To stimulate and maintain the growth of all parties involved, unpaid invoices are collected in a timely manner and communication is always transparent.

Get to know us



You can track the collection of your invoice online until the debt collector is called in.


No physical visit required. Recharge your unpaid invoice, determine the claim period and will handle the rest.

FAST & Carefree takes care of everything.


A foreign creditor or debtor? No problem is active throughout Europe.

Team OF EXPERTS provides correct legal advice in cooperation with the lawyer and debt collector.


Do not hesitate to submit a claim for small amounts. No matter how small or large these are, is ready for you!

Legal assistance and optimizations takes care of the terms and conditions so that they are legally optimized per sector. By drafting legally correct general terms and conditions you are protected from potential business problems.

Together with the general terms and conditions, we will look at how your order process can be improved. Based on statistics, it is determined which optimisations are the most in line with the market and keeps ahead of the latest changes. In this way ensures that the terms and conditions and the order process are always legally optimized.

What do our clients say?



The biggest asset of They’ve completely taken away my worries. I can rely on them that my unpaid invoice will be collected within the period that I have set.

Marie S.


Thanks to, my general business conditions are in perfect order. They work efficiently and quickly and ensure clear and transparent communication. A must to work with!

Rob K.

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