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no cure no pay is the address for collecting unpaid invoices, both in Belgium and throughout Europe. It doesn’t matter how big or small your amount is. We have extensive experience and are happy to take the worries off your hands when it comes to collecting invoices. Our working method is simple, efficient and based on no cure no pay.

Debt collection specialist

Eric Hufkens
Eric Hufkens
Eric Hufkens
Eric Hufkens

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You can track the collection of your invoice online until the bailiff is called in.


No physical visit necessary. Upload your unpaid invoice, set the reminder period and will do the rest.

Fast & carefree takes care of your concerns.

Internationally active

A foreign creditor or debtor? No problem is active throughout Europe.

Team of Experts provides correct legal advice in collaboration with our lawyer and bailiff.

Small amounts

Don't hesitate to make a claim for small amounts. No matter how small or large these are, is ready for you!

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