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Why outsource debtor management?

Credit management requires an expert and disciplined approach.

Do you not have the people, time or resources to efficiently manage your debtor portfolio internally? Then outsource this important part of the business process to, a specialized debtor manager. This frees you up to devote yourself to your core tasks in which you are specialized.

Just like hiring an external accounting office to do your bookkeeping. There are similar reasons for outsourcing your credit management. We will – under the name of your company – follow up and collect your invoices if necessary.

6 advantages of external credit management:

  1. Current terms and conditions
  2. Good customer relationship
  3. Customization: you determine the tone and the regularity
  4. Financially healthy cash flow management due to fewer outstanding invoices and continuity of incoming payments.
  5. Permanent monitoring of the creditworthiness of your customers.
  6. Extra pressure on defaulters without stress.

How do I outsource my credit management?

Switching from a fully internal debtor process to an external party does not have to be difficult and not expensive.

Make the switch in these 4 steps.

  1. links with your accounting program so that we are always up to date and automatically respond if an invoice expires. If you wish, we will send an account statement to your customer just before the invoice expires.
  2. Together we discuss the reminder procedure and the tone.
  3. follows up the invoices. We do everything necessary to collect the invoices, customers continue to pay directly to your account, so you have immediate access to your money.
  4. You will receive reports with the results at regular intervals.

What does all this cost?

Costs are low due to the automation of the follow-up. Knowing more? Call us today for a quote.

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You can track the collection of your invoice online until the bailiff is called in.


No physical visit necessary. Upload your unpaid invoice, set the reminder period and will do the rest.

Fast & carefree takes care of your concerns.

Internationally active

A foreign creditor or debtor? No problem is active throughout Europe.

Team of Experts provides correct legal advice in collaboration with our lawyer and bailiff.

Small amounts

Don't hesitate to make a claim for small amounts. No matter how small or large these are, is ready for you!

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